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Masamoto Ueda, better known as 'Master' or 'Taisho' to those who know him best, serves up more than just a bowl of ramen; he makes food for the soul. In Come Back Anytime, this self-taught ramen master welcomes us through the doors of his small noodle bar, Bizen-tei, to understand the simple magic that keeps his customers coming back.

Cinematographer, director and editor John Daschbach maintains a gentle rhythm throughout the film. Each chapter, paced by the transition of the seasons, is carried by honest and nostalgic interviews. From Bizen-tei's most devoted regulars, we learn all about the delectable flavors of Master's ramen, the milestones celebrated at the bar, and the memories made there.

And yet it is when we leave Bizen-tei and follow Ueda-san on outdoor excursions with his regulars that we truly begin to understand the unique and idiosyncratic power of the community he has cultivated through the decades. As Daschbach put it: "a ramen master who hangs out with his customers on the weekend? Now that's intriguing."

Most of all, Come Back Anytime is a simple, heartwarming and delightful portrait of the unwavering importance of human connection—not least when shared over a bowl of steaming ramen.

Join us on Tuesday, March 14 when we'll be hosting a screening of Come Back Anytime accompanied by a fireside chat with John Daschbach and producer Wataru Yamamoto. The event will be followed by networking reception with cocktails and snacks.

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International House of Japan (B1)


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