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What if the common knowledge about Japanese public companies is wrong? What if Japanese managers are actually better prepared to face today's problems than their American or Chinese counterparts? Could it be that US-style Private Equity is the wrong solution for the actually well-functioning, multi-stakeholder system made-in-Japan capitalism has built and sustained?

Join us for the first session of a new series where we aim to explore Japan's place in the emerging global order in general and the global quest for a more sustainable economic model in particular. By featuring doers and thinkers, practitioners, stakeholders, and rule-makers, we aim to stimulate debate to uncover both the good and the bad sides of Capitalism Made in Japan.

The first session will feature the long-term Japan investor Andrew McDermott and the influential Japan financial journalist Leo Lewis, moderated by Japan economy polymath Jesper Koll. The lively discussion will explicitly address the differences between the Japan described in the financial media narrative and practitioners' actual experiences over the past thirty years.

Challenging common perceptions and dominant narratives is not supposed to be easy, but Japan has an important role to play in the coming decades. Subsequent sessions will address Japan's energy, education, defense, and monetary and fiscal policies.

The Asia Society believes the time has come to talk seriously about issues that have been avoided or overlooked by the stale "Lost Decades" narrative. Broadening the lens through which we view Japan to include its successes as well as its failures could lead to a better partnership with Japan and to peaceful solutions to the broader problems facing the world.

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