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How can we educate future leaders, leaders who don't just maximize short-term gains but guide corporate stakeholders and all of society toward a sustainable and prosperous future? Clearly, traditional models of MBA education fall short of preparing for the new complexities leaders must address, but what are the alternatives? Does Japan-style leadership offer values and guiding principles that are better suited to promote all-around prosperity? What should be demanded from our future leaders, and can leadership skills be taught?

Dr. Tomo Noda, founder of Shizenkan, has not just studied and practiced leadership education at the world's top schools – MIT, Harvard, INSEAD – but more importantly has actually built a new and thriving leadership academy here in Japan, the Institute for Strategic Leadership and Shizenkan University. Although little known outside Japan, his graduates are now deeply embedded in the C-suites of Japan Inc.

Professor Noda will share his views and practitioner's insights into the challenges we face and must overcome to create better leaders. Please join us to learn and discuss with one of Japan's leading educators educating leaders.

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