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Japan's democracy and constitution are grounded in the promise of civil liberties and the guarantee of proactive checks and balances between individual rights and state power. Of all primary estates—Executive, Administrative, Judiciary, and Media—the judiciary is probably the least understood; and public discourse is relatively muted. Although empowered by the constitution, neither the people in general nor the legal profession, in particular, appear keen on confidently using the legal system to push for the evolution of the law: only 11 times in post-war history has the Supreme Court ruled that a law is unconstitutional. Clearly, society is evolving and whether it is human rights, marriage equality, detention practices, reproduction health rights, custody laws, or overseas citizens' voting rights, the evolution of the legal system is a necessary condition for the future of a healthy democracy.

Join us for a session with one of Japan's leading advocates and practitioners for civil liberties and a more open public discourse on the role of the judiciary. Motoki Taniguchi was inspired by American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) actions to defend civil rights during his Fulbright Scholarship séjour in the U.S. Upon returning to Japan, he founded innovative civil rights crowdfunding platform CALL4 as well as a legal practice to defend and speak up for civil rights in Japan. He recently received a grant from the Soros Foundation to further enhance his vision and impact. Join us for an interactive session offering insights into a little-discussed reality of Japan.

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