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In recognition and to celebrate the "Meiji Modern: Fifty Years of New Japan" exhibition at the Asia Society Museum in New York, we will discuss the significance of education, in particular women's education and modernization by a panel of experts in this program. Japan took its steps to modernization 150 years ago. What was achieved then, and how is it still relevant today? Moderated by Claire Chino, Asia Society Japan Founding Member, we will be joined by Dr. Carol Gluck, George Sansom Professor of History, Columbia University, Dr. Junko Hibiya, Former President of International Christian University, and Dr. Nick Homma of Digital Museum of Japanese History in New York.

What does it mean to be "modern?" It was only 155 years ago. Meiji Emperor was only fourteen years old when he started his reign. The Meiji era (1868 – 1912) spans four remarkable decades when Japan opened its doors and propelled the country to the modern age. How did Japan modernize in such a short time? What can we learn from the modernization efforts of the past? Are some of the modernization efforts still relevant in today's day and age?

Please join us to explore the significant role education in particular women's education plays in the effort to modernize.

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