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The digital age is here to stay. However, we often discuss the digital challenges to wellness, mindfulness, and spirituality. What can we learn from Japan with its unique spirituality and relationship with nature? How can we apply this to our contemporary lives?

We welcome real-life practitioners, Toryo Ito (a Zen monk at Ryosokuin Temple in Kyoto), Daizaburo Sakomoto (Yamabushi, writer and artist), and Max Mackee (Founder of Kammui Inc.). Each speaker's experiences and practices are different. Max was inspired by backcountry snowboarding and Japan's indigenous relationship with nature. Toryo practices zazen at a temple that was established in 1310 and Daizaburo is a Yamabushi or mountain priest based in the sacred Dewa Sanzan mountains in Tohoku. But the common factor is that they know Japan's deep reverence for nature and the natural world which emphasized the interconnectedness of humans and nature and how that is important in this day and age. What concepts are unique to Japan? How can we connect with nature that can be the root of mental, physical, and spiritual well-being?

Come join us for what will be a unique insight into how Japan's relationship with nature can provide global inspiration.

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