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The gender gap in global science and STEM research remains very significant. A recent study by MIT finds that women make up only 24% of STEM scientists in the United States, 17% in the European Union, 16% in Japan, and 14% in India. Why is this so? What can be done about it? Join us for a discussion with one of the top global scientists and academic leaders who did break through the glass ceiling, Dr. Karin Markides.

On June 1, 2023, Dr. Karin Markides was appointed as the new President and CEO of Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST). As you can see from her bio, her personal and professional journey offers unique insights into the world of global top science research and research management, as well as the linkages between top science, politics, and innovation. Dr. Markides' experience is truly global, having built and led top research labs, research institutes, and universities in America, Sweden, and Europe.

Come join us for what will be a unique real-world insight into the linkages between diversity, top science, education, innovation, and future prosperity.

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