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Storytelling is going through a fascinating turning point with AI. It's used to help write books, create videos based on text prompts, and even viral songs, forcing creators like filmmakers and designers to evolve and adapt.

Soraya Umewaka has been storytelling in many forms from live theatre and film to online content. Her first stage appearance was at the age of three at the National Noh Theater. Noh theater (the oldest theatre form in Japan) has been passed down from father to son in her father's family for over 600 years. She is an award-winning filmmaker who started her career making documentaries in Ecuador, Brazil, Lebanon, and Japan. She also knows cutting-edge technology, having worked for companies like Google. She saw that the future of video content was online and worked at the YouTube Space in Tokyo designing production programs for YouTube creators.

How is the art of storytelling changing? How does Soraya see the future of film and social media, and what tools will we use to express ourselves? From Soraya's vast experiences, she will share with us her first-hand observation on each medium's unique storytelling style and how it has changed the engagement of the audiences. She will also share common principles of storytelling observed across diverse mediums—Noh theater, feature-length documentaries, and YouTube videos.

Please join us to explore these topics and other questions related to storytelling in diverse mediums.

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